joy » weee
joy hiya » hiya evryone
joy hiya » hiya evryone
silent_will » a moment of silence passed by...
madam butterfly » quill, musta na? update mo kung may bago kang blog.
Name » Message
Name » Message
Name » Message
Rocker » Hiya, just dropping by.
bebe » whats up with U?
Tony » quill, musta na?
Tony » tag
Tony » quill, basahin mo reply ko sa comment mo.
Tony » quill!
tony » happy new year, quill!
carmen » tagging!
carmen » quill, visit this site u myt b nterested.
carmen » tag!
pooh » na-miss ko mgbasa nito...
carmen » talaga?! yippeee! may makaka-kwentuhan na din ako na malapit sa amin. yehey!
carmen » oh! lagpas ka sa amin. my kababata lives in citta italia (sp?). sana minsan kwentuhan tayo. ala me masyadong ka-chikahan sa bahay eh. hehehe!
Quill » half of the subd. yup. half is imus.
carmen » quill, taga-bacoor ka?
carmen » hello quill!
isle » hi! my first time to drop by.. i love the layout.. if i have time, i'm gonna pass again to read your first entry up to the last.. see yah!
Ben » Visiting. Wondering if you have this tale you're making in .doc form so I could give it an uninterrupted read.
bebe » i miss u too... muah!
sHieLa » tnx!
carmen » quill, ur online?
carmen » quill!
pRetTy sHieLa » just tagging back.. drop by my blog often..
drex » nice blog site!
Quill » Hi carmen!
carmen » quill, good morning!
Rocker » Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog, hope ya come back. I like yours, dig the writting.
carmen » quill, okay lang ba ang midi ko? nagustuhan mo?
carmen » hello quill!
Quill » yes. im open for reactions too.
carmen » did you make all of your entries by yourself?
carmen » quill, why chainreactor not carmen?
carmen » quill, kindly update my url and nick. thank you so much.
len » hello quill!
Ben » Looks like a nice blog, quill. Will be dropping by for more.
bebe »
len » uyyy, tenk u sa links. its my first time here. balik ako. ill add you too to my links. =)
quill » hi guys. tnx for dropping by my site.
FickleMinded » hello
bebe » sis la lang...
eLa » *can't wait for the next update*
eLa » hi, i was just blog hopping. Interesting place you got here! I'mma hang out for a while... *nu-ni-nu*
bebe » lil sis ko! miss u! astig nga!