Entry: Page 8 Thursday, September 09, 2004

   I walked toward the area where I think I saw something. On my way there, I passed by the hallway mirror. I swear my reflection is looking at me when I did not look at the mirror at all. I went back to check if it really happened. This time, its pretty normal.
   I touched the mirror's surface and it made a little wave that as if its made of soft substance almost liquid like. I backed away in shock and examined it more closely. Now when I touched it again, its back in its normal state. I must be tired. Must be the afternoon sun that is causing this illusion.
   I turned to gather my cleaning materials and went downstairs.
   That night, after getting all the clothes outside and placing them in the hamper, I went inside my room to rest. Having done all of my usual daily chores, I'm hitting the sack again with my remaining energy just enough to spread the sheets.
   I turned off the lights and the shadows of leaves played on my wall. It must be an illusion but I saw them forming a pointed hat. I blinked my eyes several times but it really is what I am seeing. My only source of light is the full moon. The switch is by the door so its impossible to reach it now.
   I tried to grab anything within my reach to defend myself just in case.
   Strong scent of cigar filled my room. I am nealy suffocating when a knock on my door startled me.
   Damn! I'm dreaming again.
   My heart still drumming so loud in my chest, I got up to answer the door. It was Danny, my third sibling. A premature baby, very healthy for his kind.
   "What do you want?" talking in between yawns and stretches, I asked him.
   "Mary told me about the scarecrow guy and I want to know more" he said.
   "Don't you think its rather late for you to ask me to tell a story?"

   "But I can't sleep with the thought that there is a creepy guy lurking in this house!"
   "Man, Its just my imagination playing with me. None of these crap is true. Now go back to your room before Sylvia hears you." I dismissed him successfully.
   As much as I wanted to chat with my younger brother a bit more, with the witch's sharp ears, we could be both in trouble.


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