Entry: Page 6 Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    I watched her as she walked towards me. The wind blowing through her hair. Her slender figure mesmerized me. I stood there motionless staring at her thinking that even a blink of an eye is a waste of time. Cold sweat started to fill my forhead and my knees felt weak.
   She got closer and closer.. I can smell her perfume and the moment I closed my eyes, I got lost in time. "..have you been waiting that long?" she asked.
   "Its okay. I.." I wanted to say I longed for this moment, I prayed for this moment.
   I remembered vividly seeing you laugh.. hearing you sing.. ... at much greater distance. You don't know me.
   At one time you called me by my name. My heart stopped and I frantically grasped for air.
   "Are you all right?" she asked, snapping me back to the moment.
   "Yes. Sorry. Something came to my mind" I lied.
   I am now panicking for words to say. All I have is my passion for her. I did not anticipate this. I handed her something.
   It was a blur.
   Then she told me she have to go.
   Just like that, I was watching her walk away. Something hurts inside the more she disappears in the distance.
   I was falling.. falling deep into the shadows.
   I tried to grab on to something..
   A dream.
   My skin is still burning and I'm bathing in sweat. I sat up and closed my eyes. The details of her lips, the tip of her lashes, the curve of her brows, her intense stare, the lines of her neck, her hair flowing with the wind..
   I took a deep breath still familiar with her perfume until it vanishes into thin air..
   I smelled cigar.
   The figure moved in the shadows avoiding the moon's glare.
   It lingered for a while in my room and went straight into the mirror and disappeared.
   What the hell is happening?! What time is it? Three a.m. Great. I pulled the sheets back and drowsed back to sleep.


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