Entry: Page 5 Monday, September 06, 2004

   The doorbell rang. I hurriedly dropped what I'm doing. This might be the miracle visitor I've been waiting for to liberate me from this hell.
   It was Sylvia's jeweler.
   "Is that Milly?" a shout from upstairs.
   "Yes its her. Shall I let her in?" I asked.
   "Let her wait in the receiving area and serve her some juice. I'm going down in while".
   I led the strange woman into a soft couch by the salas. I went to the kichen to prepare some juice. Just as I handed her the glass, she spoke "To drown into one's inner hate is to let darkness consume one's fate".
   I looked at her and asked her what the hell did she say. She looked at me behind those square thick glasses while sipping her drink and just smiled. With a puzzled look on my face, i asked her again.
   Thuds of footsteps rained the staircase like a thunder. I quickly got up and hurried to the kitchen knowing that Sylvia is coming.
   I pretended to be going about my chores while they settle deals. Sylvia is yet having another set of jewelries be made. I can hear jems, diamonds, gold etc., rattle. From the corner of my eye, the little woman is showing Sylvia many more ornaments. "...and this one is designed inspired from ancient Egypt.."
   I don't have time for this. Although very intrigued by the strange jeweler, I can hear the dogs bark in the backyard. I have to feed them or else I'm going to stir the witch's dark powers and make her curse me again.
   "Ced!!". Oh what is it this time?! I went inside the house once again. "Assist Milly as she leaves." 
   Great. Now I'm going to spend some time with the weird woman again.
   I opened the gate. As she stepped outside by the pavement, she looked at me again behind those glasses. I tried to avoid her gaze but she again spoke "Soon". Huh? What is that? She walked away and disappeared in the corner. "The old woman must be losing it" I muttered and turned to go back in the house. On the porch, I saw a shining thing on the ground. I picked it up and well, its just a silver ring. I placed it in my pocket and went back to go feed the dogs.


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