Entry: Page 3 Saturday, September 04, 2004

   A letter from Carl! Hmm..
   "Hi man! How have you been doing there? We miss you here..I told everybody that you're allowed to send and receive mail. Of course, you know, I am choosing my words.. just in case. We can't wait to hear from you again.
   Take care okay? We'll see you as soon as you're allowed to."

   The envelope was already opened when I found it on top of the grand piano. Turning around to go up to my room, the heavy feeling of being watched is confirmed. Yes there she is, the ultimate pretender.
   "So, getting mails already huh?" Sylvia hissed. "If not for your birthday, I wouln't have let you communicate with your pesky friends"
   Proceeding to climb the stairs clutching Carl's letter in my hand, I tried to ignore her.

   "Well, I said you can send and receive mail. I did not say anything about me not reading them" she exclaimed and guffawed.
   I can feel my ears burning but I am not into killing low life species now.. at least not now.

   I sneaked really early this morning to drop my letters in the mail box. I stayed up all night writing letters to everybody I can think of just to tell them I'm still alive and struggling to stay sane. It's so hard to keep my sanity intact in this mansion. Sometimes I can hear voices whenever I am alone.

   There was a time, I was reading a book on a sofa by the foyer and I passed out at around three in the afternoon. I suddenly awoke upon hearing my name. As a force of habit, I jumped up and hurriedly went to the place where the voice came from. Half way in the vestibule, I suddenly realized that I am alone. Everybody left this morning. Damn! Even in my sleep, that witch is haunting me.


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