Entry: page 2 Friday, September 03, 2004

   I woke up and feeling nauseous. I can hear my step mother shouting at the top of her lungs "wake up you lazy ass!". So as to avoid another commotion, I hurriedly got up and pulled my jeans without looking in the mirror if I look okay. "I wouln't bother looking good anyway. I've never been out in the civilization for a long time now.. and I'm just going to see the witch..." I went downstairs hurriedly to see what is she up to.
   "The dogs are loose! They are messing with my garden again!" Sylvia-the-witch is throwing havoc again and still in her scanty night attire. What a way to start my day. I don't mind the dogs but this?!
   "You did not lock their cages again properly last night did you? Did you?!" Her eyes now are fiery red and seemingly popping out of their sockets.
   I did not reply. From the corner of my eye, I can see ratty Raphaell looking out the kitchen window snickering like a little maggot who thinks he is developing wings and turning into a fly.
   Father, still yawning and putting on his glasses went out in the patio and asked "What is going on down there? It's a Sunday at six o'clock in the morning"
   "Oh nothing honey. I just checked if the dogs are okay. Maer is barking and I thought she might be hungry. So I went downstairs to give her few biscuits" Sylvia replied suddenly changing her mood.
   "Ced, what are you doing up so early?" father asked turning to look at me still holding the dogs' chains.
   "Uhm uh.." stammering to blurt out the truth of my rude awakening, I caught my step mother's evil glance "I'm just helping Sylvia, I mean mother feed Maer". And with that, I swore to myself to garlgle a lot of mouthwash after this task.
   I can't believe father doesn't have a clue how that girl turns into a monster whenever he is not looking.
   I had to prepare breakfast. Everybody is starting to get up now and its going to be another long day. Atleast, everybody is home. The witch will find it hard to have an opportunity to corner me again.


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