Entry: Chapter One: The Gift Thursday, September 02, 2004

   "Its a pen and a paper! You mean i can really get in touch with the world now?" Ced exclaimed talking to his step mother. "Yes. You can write your friends as often as you like. But you can't neglect your chores here" she replied and went out of the room. "..and you have to work for your mailing expenses.." she added.

   Its been almost a year since Ced dropped out of college because he's been caught smoking and for the lamest excuse of his step mother that he may be in bad company and can afford to let two semesters pass. His father, having wanting to avoid another argument, agreed with her.
   Immediately, Ced wrote to his bestfriend, Carl, to tell everybody that he has been allowed to send and receive mail every once in a while. He's been stuck in this mansion for too long now and he is running out of books to read in the library. He even read some of those books twice or trice just to keep him busy.
   Ever since his father married again, he is forced to get along with his step mother who is just the epitome of lie. A woman very large for her stature, with big red bulging eyes, a pear shaped body and has legs full of hair. He could have mistaken those legs to be his father's one time they went swimming in the pool and he is underwater looking for his nose ring. Much to his surprise, he is swimming with the sea witch.
   His father, Capt. Edward Velasco, settled to his philosophy books. A very happy man whose laugh can break the walls of China. In his mid 40's decided to retire from the navy and just handle the family business.
   Ced, on the other hand, being the eldest of four siblings, got the impression that he too must be involved in every transaction. After all, he is not going to let that witch take over everything. Following his instinct that she is only after his father's wealth.
   Of course, there is his ratty step brother, Raphaell. Whom at one time he caught smoking in the lawn and secretly takes money from the family vault when he thinks no one is around. "That witch is tolerating her son again..God..when will father believe me? She is just so good in lying to him that she got him to marry her.. yelch!".


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