Entry: Page 9 Friday, September 10, 2004

   All I can feel is the hard drumming of my heart. It almost pushed me face down. I traveled the corridors and hallways of the mansion.
   I made my way through the stairs as swift as the wind. I hardly noticed my feet touch the ground. The paintings see me with eyes I know I've looked onto before. Portraits of deities. They are just paintings.
   Going downstairs once again, I went out. The moon is full. I went around the rose garden. The roses bloomed as if acknowledging the moon.
   The dogs are barking furiously. I turned around to see Maer in full attack mode. Her fangs are so sharp that it scared me a bit. She is glaring at me.
   I quickly went inside the house.
   Why didn't she recognize me?
   I let my feet carry me.
   I found myself in the attic. I lit a candle and made my way through old stuffs. There, a full length mirror stood in the corner. Before I can even gaze at myself on it, everything went black.
   Gasping for air again, I made my way in the dark for the light switch. I have to drink a glass of water. My throat is so dry for some reason.
   Strangely, I feel so tired when I didn't leave my bedroom.. or so that's what I know.
   I remembered the dream-like thing that happened.
   Was it just a dream?
   That wasn't me. Maer knows me very well. I'm the one feeding her since she was a puppy.

   Who was that? Have I been reading too much lately? What time is it? Why do I smell cigar in my hands?


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