Entry: Prologue Wednesday, September 01, 2004

   I'm driving last night or its just my imagination. I'm waiting for a certain raindrop.. the coldest feel that can touch my skin. I ran through the skies.. but every raindrop burns my eyes.. there is just darkness and the only light is illuminated by the moon behind the cloudy skies. "No stars tonight.." i thought to myself.. I drove a little longer.. drank every bit of air around me until im tipsy.. when have i stopped writing? I have thoughts in the wind.. everything is passing me by. I eloped with my quill and started to drift deeper and deeper. I moved through the shadows with only a flicker of a candle in one hand and the scroll of my life on the other. The candle sets off tears.. inflicting pain on me.. but i just had to hold on.. its my only light in the dark.. my only warmth in this thunderstorm.. using my scroll protecting my fire.. burning parts and pieces of my life.. it was nearly midnight..my quill nearly losing its touch.. i dont have enough ink with me and i still have to write the play. I gathered enough courage, i cut my heart on one side.. i need enough blood to write with.. and there in the darkness it began..
   "..I wish you understand me.." ..those simple lines made her world stop.. confusion made its way through the roses' bush garden.. the scent of full bloomed roses filled the air.. a simple wish that parted the clouds and revealed the moon.. intoxicated by the evening air.. she is swayed by emotions along with the breeze.. I ran after her.. but i dont have agility like the wind.. thorns pierce my skin but i am not taking my eyes off her.. my ears sharp enough to taste every word that comes from her lips.. "i'll anticipate your every move.. so it wouldnt hurt that be when the time comes. I'll make it easy on your part.. goodnight.." .. I have been a fool.. screaming her name over and over and over again..


January 12, 2005   08:51 AM PST
you play with words very well.
i wish i could write that well.

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