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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Page 10

   Its another hectic day and I am to be in two places at the same time. Sylvia is getting ready for work and she's sending me to do things in a rush. I don't know which one should I do first.
   "Is my skirt ironed already?" a shout from upstairs banged the walls of the hallway.
   "Almost!" I shouted back. On my way, I checked if the stew I'm preparing is almost done. Adjusting the heat slightly and I made my way upstairs carrying the damned skirt.
   I tapped the master's bedroom door, she opened it showing irritation on her face and snatched the skirt from me and slammed the door back.
   I went downstairs to set the table for everbody will be having their breakfast in a few while.
   Father came looking pressed and ready for the day, sat first on the table with his usual good mood smile.
   One by one, everybody took their place on the table. If not for my love for my father, I would have let them eat first than to sit beside the witch all through out the meal. It didn't make any difference. I am required to stand every now and then to fetch whatever Sylvia needs. "I want juice" "Please prepare me a special salad" "Get more rice" "Give Raphaell more juice" I really don't mind. I got used to this. When I finally get my chance to actually sit on my place, all that is left for me to feast upon are left overs. And everybody stands up to leave.
   I used to wallow on this situation. But it happens everytime so I managed to get over it. Even at times, no food will be left on the table. Instead of going hungry, I learned to set aside a little of the food and keep it on a cupboard in my room. Talk about being prepared for situations.
   I used to suggest to father to hire atleast one helper because I can't really do things in the house with Sylvia's "special" orders.
   We did that. None of those helpers lasted. The longest stay of one is a month. Who can tolerate the witch's attitude? Me. For now.

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Monday, September 13, 2004
Page 11

   Everybody has gone once again. Locking the garage gate, I went inside the house again. After washing the dishes, I know the whole day is mine again. I sat in front of the piano and played pieces by Mozart.
   Absorbed by the melody, I closed my eyes and let the music carry me. I smelled roses. Stopping to turn around, the two sliding doors leading to the garden is open. The breeze is playing with the curtains. I walked and stepped outside. Birds are chirping and the sun hid behind the clouds. I walked a little further until I found myself far deep into the garden.
   I heard twigs break nearby. I stopped on my tracks. I listened closely. But the sound also stopped. After a while of trying to listen harder, I gave up. I continued on my way and heard more twigs break. I quickly turned around hoping I would catch something or someone following me. This time, my heart is aldeady drumming in my ears.
   I made my way back into the house. Remembering I left the sliding doors open. I instinctively placed my hands on my pocket and sighed. What is this. Taking a hand out holding something. A ring? Oh yeah.. this is the same jeans I'm wearing when that weird Milly dropped by. I put the ring on. It fit my finger perfectly.
   I feld drowsy.
   Made my way to the couch and lied there for a while.
   Deep sleep.
   I felt her hands ran through my hair, my eyes still closed. "I love you Ced" .. I kept my eyes closed as if I'm deeply asleep. She continued to caress my face like she longed for the moment to finally have me close.
   The sun is almost gone from the horizon when I woke up. It feat so real that I can still hear her voice in my head. Who is she?

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Page 12

   "Ouch!" I hurriedly opened the faucet placed my bleeding finger under the running water. I'm cooking dinner and I accidentaly cut my finger while slicing a piece of onion. I have been so absent minded lately. Then I noticed the ring, It didn't dawn on me to take it off.
   Everybody is frantic once again. Everybody is home. After eating dinner, I went to walk the dogs. I enjoyed the night's breez as I set the dogs loose in the garden.
   I sat on the garden swing and gazed up the stars.
   The lights in the hallway looks so magnificent at night. The chandeliers luminate the whole house majestically that I know, for anyone who passes by feels a twitch of envy inside them. If you only knew the people who live here, you would be so thankful for whatever you have now. I feel a twitch of envy for them myself.
   I realized it was getting late so I put the dogs back to their cages and went inside the house through the backdoor.
   "And where in the hell have you been?" the witch roared. "I just walked the dogs" I replied.
   "I'm almost losing my voice shouting and calling for you and you were no where to be found! Now you made me go down here to look for you! Maybe you're not really walking the dogs. You just don't want to attend to me"
   "I really did walk the dogs!" cleching my teeth, I replied.
   "Maybe I should take away your radio too, so you will learn your lesson" She said with a smirk.
   The radio is the next thing holding my sanity intact. Its one device I get updates of the outside world. Now she's taking it away?! Too far you bitch.. too far!
   "What do you want me to do anyway? Why were you calling for me?" irritatingly I asked.
   "Nothing. I just need you to go upstairs. I can't sleep and I had a rough day. You can massage my feet while I'm watching tv and you may stop when I tell you so." she said.
   These words burned my ears. Its already an hour before midnight and she's what?! She's asking me to massage her feet?!
   I went through the ordeal with every curse that I can think of. Two o'clock in the morning, I finally get to say hello to my bed. Rest.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Page 13

   The wind is whistling outside my window and the leaves and branches of a nearby tree creates an echo of somewhat voices fading into thin air. I could have sworn I vividly heard my name. I got up to take a look outside the window. Fireflies swim through the air like little fairies playing. I'm mesmerized by the dancing lights that it didn't take long for me to unconsciously walk outside and follow their charms.
   Still, I can hear my name over and over again. Enchanted by the voice so familiar, I trusted every step I'm making going further and further away from the mansion.
   Stars twinkle and I thought I can reach them.
   It was a windy night but surprisingly, the air is not cold. I walked a little further.
   From a distance, I saw a flicker of light and smoke going up the heavens.
   I slowly walked and hid behind the playing shadows of the trees.
   Someone is tendering a fire in the middle of a circle made of rocks. I went a little closer and hid behind a bush.
   I can't see much of the face but this looks like a very huge person. His hair is on his face and he has fingers that can grip a tiny branch and crush it into ashes. He is murmuring something but I can't hear it much.. or, I can't understand.
   This is like a sacrificial ground!
   I leaned a bit closer to listen but when I stepped on a twig, he suddenly turned around with glaring red big eyes.
   I ran as fast as I could, through the trees, to get out into the open field.
   Running towards the mansion never looking back.
   I entered my room with my head pounding from the sudden blood rush.
   "What was that? Who was that?"
   Catching my breath and nearly fainting.        
   I closed my curtains so that he can't gaze through my window. I don't know why I got so scared that I laid on my bed and pulled my sheets up and covered my face.
   I passed out.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Page 14

   I woke up feeling so tired. I checked the time and its quarter past five in the morning. A knock on the door startled me. I got up to see who it is.
   Its Vic, my youngest brother. Taller than me, has a dark complexion and slowly shaping to be a young man. Also a smart kid.
   "What do you want?" I asked.
   "Can you please sign my school paper? Father went home very late last night and I didn't wait for him anymore because I still have to wake up early today. I tried knocking on Sylvia's door but the tv is so loud that my knuckles already hurt and she's still not answering the door. I figured she might be busy with something and doesn't want to be disturbed." he said.
   I signed his papers and told him to take a bath.
   That's strange. The witch did not in fact call for me to massage her feet last night. What could she be up to? Maybe she's too exhausted from work and passed out. Or, she accidentaly poisoned herself! haha! I wish. I value human life, but her?! She's not even humane!
   I remember the first and last time my friends came over for a little chat, she slapped me in front of them. I feel so embarassed and stupid for even bringing my friends to this damed place.
   Not to mention shouting at me in front of visitors whenever father is not around. I am like this slave to her that has no brains, no feelings, no emotions, no nothing.
   I used to be afraid of her but not anymore. Learning from the books that I've read, she is just another pathetic creature who pretends to be strong by shouting and trying to dominate others when in reality, she is the one scared and weak.
   Lost in my thoughts, I felt someone is watching me. I looked at the window and saw leaves flying outside. No one. I shrugged it off.
   Things have been so strange lately that I'm having a hard time absorbing everything. And besides, I still have this strange girl in my dreams.

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Thursday, September 16, 2004
Page 15

   I finished early today. I just finished waxing the entire floor upstairs. My next schedule is tomorrow. I took a long satisfied look on the shiny marble floor and wiped the sweat off my forhead. Its almost three in the afternoon and I could use a cold glass of juice.
   I went downstairs. Halfway though, I heard a door creaking. I stopped on my way and listened closely. The sound is coming from upstairs. Strange. I am always left alone in this mansion and I know everybody has gone out. I thought of burglars, but at broad daylight? I gripped my mop tighter and slowly crept my way again upstairs following the sound. Few steps away, I can clearly see footprints on my new waxed floor! It was slightly moist and the person who owns this obviously is barefoot. I followed the prints. Investigating a little further, it lead to the veranda. The door was slightly open. My heart is beating so hard, part of me is excited to catch whoever this is.
   The prints were slender and looks like of a woman's. So I am a little confident that there will be less struggle on this one. I slowly took a peek on the door's small opening.
   I can see the tea table set, few potted plants, the magazine rack.. I adjusted a little more to get a better view. And there she is.. standing on the edge of the veranda near the railings.
    Her hair was long, of chestnut hue, perfectly shaped shoulders of poise and elegance,her waist is slender down to her hips and thighs, her arms are of a goddess, and she has a fragrance of enchantment. This sight enticed me to the last drop.
   I fought the urge to confront her..but I just can't control it. I opened the door and went out of my hiding.
   I knew she heard me and she turned around. I was fixed on the spot. Not knowing what to say. She was there and as if she was expecting me.
   Her white silky vail flows along now with the wind. Her face is as beautiful as I expected it to be. A radiance of a thousand goddesses.
   Suddenly, she was distracted by a noise behind me, I turned around, and saw a shadow rushing to go away, when I turned back to her, she was gone.
   I went inside to see who it was, I saw another set of prints on the floor. This time, its of a man's.
   Damn it! Why does everybody has to walk on a newly waxed floor?!

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Friday, September 17, 2004
Chapter 2: The Mansion

   Bothered by what I saw in the woods nights ago, I wondered about it most of the time. I can't shrug the fear off me whenever I'll recall those eyes that seem to spell DEATH.
   As I was cleaning the guest room, I moved the bed to sweep the dusts. Much to my surprise, I came across a trapped door on the floor. I wonder why I never saw this before? The door's edges is very much aligned and fit perfectly on the marble floor that one really can't see it if they don't take a closer look. I was very much intrigued of this discovery. I tried to pry it open but its so heavy that my back ached.
   I went outside to get some tools that might help me. I was so thrilled with the idea that this is like on the books that I've read. Secret doors, dungeons.. stuffs like that.
   Out of no-where, the doorbell rang. I had to stop my tool searching and go inside to put back the bed on its place.
   "What took you so long?" Sylvia impatiently said on the door.
   "I was in the guest room sweeping and I barely heard the bell. I'm sorry" I excused.
   Boy was she early today! I gathered guts to ask her why she's home in the middle of the day but she was too quick for me.
   "Cook me some meal. I don't feel well and I'm taking a long rest." she said.
   I know I need to go back to my conscious movements again knowing that I am alone with the witch on this place. She went upstairs and I went straight to the kitchen.
   Again, I heard someone calling me. I know this time my imagination isn't playing with me. I went upstairs and knocked on the master's bedroom. No answer. I tried to turn the knob and huh?! It was open. I took a peek inside. Maybe Sylvia is asleep. But there's no one on the bed. I made my way in and searched inside the room, the walk-in closet and the bathroom. She's not here! Weird. I went outside to look for her. The voice is faint but clear into thin air. Constantly calling for me.
   I gave up. I went back to the kitchen to check if everything is done.
   I set up the table and went about my duties.

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Page 17

   Not at all amused by what happened the other day, that woman is so tricky. I know I searched the whole place but how can she disappear and appear again on time when father got home? Saying that she fell asleep immediately.
   Father smelled cigar and I was accused of smoking again. A raid on my room and they found none. I haven't been smoking since .. since.. I lost count of the days. If not of the news on my portable radio, I wouln't have known that halloween is getting near.
   We broke the tradition of going to cemeteries every October thirty first. Eversince father got married again, we never saw my mother's grave anymore. The witch gets so jealous whenever she would hear the name Violet.
   My mother is a timid woman, of elegance and poise. Petite but smart, she is of strong will and courage. My father would sometimes try to crack a joke and she will giggle silently on one corner. I remember her on her last days, she passed on the responsibility of my brothers and sister to me. She talked about my attitude problem but she told me its something I can utilize in some ways.
   Sylvia on the other hand, never gave it a rest. She insisted that father burns all of my mother's photographs, throws aways all her things and belongings, literally erase every drop of memory there is of her. Crazy bitch. No wonder she hates my sister so much. Mary look a lot like mother. Even her traits are so similar.
   The one sole reason why we moved in to this mansion. We left our home of memories, of childhood dreams and hopes. Things that Sylvia I know never had.
   Coming from a disfunctional family, a father who is a drunkard, a diabetic mother, eldest brother who ran away and got married at seventeen, second brother who married their house maid, third brother who went to another country, fourth brother full of debts, she will definitly grow into something who never knew love. Although I can't blame her, I know she is full of deceit.
   Now, she is trying to erase our childhood by turning her nightmares into becoming ours. At one point, I am actually starting to believe that its happening.

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Monday, September 20, 2004
Page 18

   Panting hard, I rested under a nearby tree. I checked behind me if that thing is anywhere near me. I heard footsteps. Controlling my breathing, its getting nearer and nearer. I was suddenly inside a room. I ran my fingers on the walls and pushed something. The floor gave way and a passageway was revealed. I hurriedly went down. Walls are made of old stone. The further I go, the colder it gets.
   I was swallowed by the darkness.
   I was falling.. and falling..
   Alarm went on and on 'til it dawned on me that its not real.
   Why was I so afraid? What was that? Where was I? Why is my clock set to alarm at two in the morning?! Damn? Is that Raphaelle playing with my things again? But the alarm setting is not until four thirty.. so why did my alarm go off now?
   Getting up to drink, I heard something outside. I took a peek, its coming from the salas. Slowly, I went out to investigate. Its coming from the guest room. Who could still be awake at this hour? Creeping slowly, all I can see are shadows moving about inside the room. Its hard to take a peek so I kept my distance. I heard something like stones moving and then it stopped. I blinked and the shadows are gone. Mental note: in the morning, you will remember all this and check what went on in that room.
   I stayed a bit long to see if there are other activities going on. None.
   This mansion hides a lot of things. Secret passages leading somewhere, creatures that appear here and there, voices and weird coincidences. I tried passing these things off but it worsens.
   My bed felt warm when I lied back like someone has been lying on it all along. I ignored and gave in to the sleepy sensation again.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Page 19

   The scent of grass stuck to my clothes. It was half past nine in the morning and I'm halfway done gardening. I raked the lawn for dry leaves. What else is new? I'm alone again. Maybe that's the reason why my imagination plays with me. I learned to ignore sounds in this place that doesnt concern me.
   The doors creaks and slams, the piano makes odd sounds, the plates rattle in the middle of the night. As long as nothing is broken in the morning, its fine.
   My room is the former maid's quarters. Downstairs near the dirty kitchen. I have my own door leading outside. So whenever the dogs would go berserk, I can go out at once and see what is going on. Also, its an easy access to the garage and laundry area. Sylvia will just tell me to clean her car or wash her clothes. Even if its in the middle of the night and I am about to rest after massaging her feet. Its as if I don't tire at all.
    We used to have servants and helpers around this mansion. we used to have plenty of them. We had a driver, gardener, cook, and housekeepers. Their primary reason of leaving (as told to my father) is the mansion having weird things going on. Their reason of leaving, as they told me, is Sylvia.
   I don't wonder about it now. The impossibilities of Sylvia's commands will also drive me away. I am to clean every Chandelier there is and to sweep the ceilings. Still, I know I should oblige.
   I went inside the house to start cleaning when I heard Maer barking. I tried to ignore her but then the other two dogs joined her. "All right all right!" freakin' dogs go crazy again.
   I peeked through the window to see what it is this time. Maer's fangs are now showing. The last time I saw her like this was the time I went sleep walking nights ago. Or so I think..
   There was a shadow of a man wearing a hat. Then I saw him. Smoking his cigar, he was walking around the lawn. The dogs now are jumping inside their cages. I kept low and still peeked through the drapes. What is he up to? This weird scarecrow guy suddenly appeared after a long time.
   I was breathing heavily, rather excitedly anticipating his next move, he entered the woods not far from the east side of the mansion. I thought he would disappear there. But he turned around and looked directly at me. I know I was suppose not to be seen because I was peeking through a small parting of the drapes. He waived his hand as if telling me to follow him in the woods.
   I'm suddenly nervous and froze to my spot. Should I follow him?

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